Voice Roaming in the US is back!

It’s finally back! bmobile is proud to be the first local network to resume voice roaming in the United States of America.  Since the shutdown of the 3G networks in the US in February 2022, customers have been unable to make or receive voice calls while roaming there.  However, customers can once again make and receive voice calls via our 4G  Voice (VoLTE) roaming service.

With our 4G Voice roaming service, customers are expected to experience:

  • Superior audio quality (HD Voice) on calls made over the mobile network
  • Simultaneously use data while on a voice call (surf and talk)
  • Call conferencing with up to 6 participants
  • Quicker call set up time

*Subject to roaming partner network*

Effective 6th February 2023, bmobile launched its 4G roaming service in the US.  To access this service customers must have a VoLTE compatible device and would be required to visit bmobile to upgrade their sim card at no cost.

bmobile will roll out its 4G voice roaming in the US in phases. Apple/IOS users will be enrolled in phase 1 and all other mobile devices will be enrolled in subsequent phases.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is 4G Voice (VoLTE) Roaming?

    4G Voice Roaming allows customers to make and receive calls while roaming on 4G networks such as those in the USA using Voice over LTE (VoLTE) calling.


    VoLTE calls are voice calls made over the 4G LTE network. They have superior audio quality to regular phone calls made over the standard voice network. VoLTE lets you talk and use 4G LTE data simultaneously.

  • When will 4G Voice Roaming be available?

    Customers using an iPhone 7 and up with iOS 15 or higher will be able to enjoy 4G Voice VoLTE Roaming from February 6th 2023.

  • What do I need to enjoy 4G Voice Roaming?

    Customers must

      • Complete a SIM Upgrade to an iSIM
      • Have a VoLTE ready (See questions 7 and 9 to confirm that your device will work.)
  • How can I upgrade to an iSIM?

    Visit any bmobile Channel Partner to complete your SIM upgrade.

  • Will all VoLTE ready devices allow me to access 4G Voice Roaming?

    No. Only Apple iPhone 7 and up with iOS 15 or higher will allow 4G Voice Roaming.

  • Do I need to turn on the VoLTE feature on my device?


    On your iPhone go to

    • Settings
    • Cellular
    • Cellular Data Options
    • Toggle on Data Roaming
    • Voice & Data
    • Select LTE
    • Toggle on VoLTE

  • Will I be able to send and receive SMS while roaming?


  • Will there be a different charge for 4G Voice (VoLTE)?

    No. All our advertised retail rates remain the same for the US market. All our ‘In-Plan’ and Add-On Roaming Bundles Apply to the US market.

  • Which Roaming Add-Ons can be used in the US Market?

    All Roaming Add-Ons can be used in the USA. These Add-Ons fall into three (3) categories: Voice Only, Data Only and Combo (Voice and Data) Add-ons.

  • How can I access these Roaming Add-Ons?

    To purchase a bmobile Roaming Add-On, dial *123# from your bmobile phone, select Roaming Add-Ons and choose the plan that best suits your needs.

  • Is an iSIM an eSIM?

    No. bmobile is working with our partners to ensure eSIM technology is available in the very near future.

  • Is there a cost for the SIM upgrade?

    Currently, any customer with an iPhone 7 and up is eligible for a FREE SIM upgrade.


    All other customers will be required to pay the standard fee for a SIM Upgrade.

  • When will other devices be able to access 4G Voice Roaming?

    All other devices require manufacturer software upgrades. bmobile is working with other device manufacturers (Samsung, Huawei, Blu etc) to ensure that their VoLTE capable devices can allow 4G Voice Roaming. We’ll keep you updated as more devices become available.

  • Which iPhones are compatible?

    Compatible iPhones include:

    iPhone 7                                               iPhone XR                            iPhone 12 Pro

    iPhone 7 Plus                                     iPhone XS                            iPhone 12 Pro Max

    iPhone 8                                               iPhone XS Max                  iPhone 13 mini

    iPhone 8 Plus                                     iPhone 11                            iPhone 13

    iPhone SE (1st generation)           iPhone 11 Pro                    iPhone 13 Pro

    iPhone SE (2nd generation)         iPhone 11 Pro Max          iPhone 13 Pro Max

    iPhone SE (3rd generation)          iPhone 12 mini

    iPhone X                                              iPhone 12

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