Fair Usage Policy


Bmobile has developed a Fair Usage Policy for its Unlimited plans to ensure that it provides the best quality of landline and wireless service to the maximum number of its customers. To do this, bmobile provides the following definitions so that our customers understand and enjoy all of the benefits of the services they have subscribed to.

Unlimited Usage

BMobile’s ‘Unlimited” prepaid and postpaid plans offers just that — Unlimited voice, text and data services via a single mobile device for the lifespan of the subscribed service plan (e.g., 1, 7 or 30 days for prepaid, and for the duration of the billing cycle for postpaid customers). Home phone unlimited service provides unlimited voice calls for the duration of a customer’s billing cycle. For home phone and mobile voice and mobile text services, Unlimited only applies to ALL Domestic calls, not International calls. Unlimited Mobile users can send International SMS for the duration of their plans. For data services, bmobile will give customers unlimited data at the fastest available speed in the customer’s service area, up to 4GLTE. And as outlined below, the Unlimited offers are intended for Customers’ personal usage.

Voice, Data and Text Usage

There are no preset caps placed on usage. Only on rare occasions will bmobile intervene and ensure that customers are utilizing their service without violating the fair usage definition outlined below. Bmobile wants to protect the 99% of its customers that utilize their service in a way that is not excessive nor violates this fair usage policy. On the rare occasion that a customer far exceeds the average use of 99% of our customers, bmobile, at its discretion, may notify the Customer that they are using excessive amounts of services, may prompt an investigation to ensure policy violations are not occurring, or have their access temporarily reduced or suspended until it ascertains whether the customer is using services properly. This is intended to maximize the quality of service for all bmobile customers.

Data Streaming

Many of our customers enjoy the freedom that Unlimited wireless mobility provides to stream videos, audio, and online games when they are in our service area.  Bmobile’s Unlimited plans provide its customers streaming speeds up to 512kbps for these services.  So long as the usage is not ‘extraordinary’ or ‘prolonged’ as noted below or far exceed the average usage of 99% of our customers, subscribers will have the ability to stream wherever it is available.

Fair Use means

  • intended for individual Customer Use only. These plans are for individual use by a bmobile subscriber and are not for commercial use, resale or use by groups of individuals. Customers who want to use voice, text and data or Internet access services via a PBX or any other access point connected to a computer for the purpose of making a large number of voice and video calls and/or sending a high volume of data and/or simultaneously sending SMS or MMS are not allowed on Unlimited plans. Unlimited access cannot be exploited for profit, reselling, or for extraordinary and prolonged continuous use that negatively impacts the service and experience of other bmobile customers. Bmobile reserves the right to take appropriate steps, ranging from alerting the customer to discontinuing the service, to ensure its other customers are not affected and to equally ensure the relevant customer’s quality of service.


  • for use on a device not connected to others or on a network. At this time, Unlimited data service on these plans is not intended for use on a mobile device that is being used as a hotspot or is tethering any other device (such as a computer, smartphone, other phones, eBook or eReader, media player, laptop, notebook, tablet, mobile hotspots, gaming consoles, or other devices with similar functions). This includes, without limitation, the use of connection kits, applications, devices or accessories (using wired or wireless technology) unless the customer has subscribed to a Service plan with a limited high-speed data allowance and a feature offered specifically for tethering.

Other Terms and Conditions

Bmobile reserves the right to end this service/offer, to change the period during which the offer is valid and/or to amend the relative terms of this policy, with or without notice.


Subject to the above, the standard Postpaid and Prepaid Terms and Conditions apply.