International version of iPhone 14 supports physical SIM cards

Port-of-Spain, Trinidad – September 22, 2022

bmobile has taken note of the discussion surrounding eSIM technology following Apple’s recent launch of its newest devices.

The global smartphone manufacturer announced that iPhone 14 models produced for the United States market will no longer accommodate a physical sim card but will instead use eSIM (embedded SIM) technology.

How does this impact you?

The US models of the iPhone will support eSIM technology only. However, removable or physical SIM card trays will remain in iPhones sold outside of the US. Therefore, iPhone 14 devices purchased locally (at bmobile channel partner locations) will accommodate physical nano-SIM cards, as usual. The US iPhone 14 models manufactured for the US market will not work in Trinidad and Tobago.

eSIM adoption and usage are expected to increase exponentially in the coming years because of the flexibility, versatility and added security this technology offers mobile users. bmobile assures customers it is actively looking into eSIM integration and the necessary technology upgrades to support this.

Recently, we partnered with international technology provider, Optiva, as part of our technology upgrade strategy. Specifically, we embarked on an upgrade of our Business Support Systems (BSS) platform which will allow bmobile to bring to market emerging services and technologies in a shorter space of time, including eSIM.