Discontinuation of $25 Day Plan

Dear Valued Customer,

We would like to inform you that our $25 1 Day Prepaid Plan will no longer be available after August 6, 2022.

We assure you that customers with this plan will be able to access the features and  experience the benefits until all plans have expired, namely:

  • If any customer purchases a $25 1 Day Plan on August 5, 2022, said purchase will remain valid for twenty (24) hours from the date and time of purchase.

  • Customers who signed up to the auto renew service associated with this plan will no longer receive reminders to auto renew or be charged for the renewal of the $25 1 Day Prepaid Plan after August 6, 2022.

To select the right plan for your lifestyle, we invite you to visit us at https://bmobile.co.tt/mobile/#prepaid  or dial *123# and choose Talk and Data Plans for more information on how bmobile can continue to provide you great value and excellent service.

Thank you for choosing bmobile as your communications partner.