FAQs – Other Value Adds

How do I enjoy more value from these plans? The following news sites are included, free of charge within the plans:

  • Trinidad Express – www.guardian.co.tt
  • Trinidad Guardian – www.trinidadexpress.com
  • Trinidad Newsday – www.newsday.co.tt
  • CNN – edition.cnn.com
  • BBC – www.bbc.com

You can also enjoy the following apps with these prepaid plans – Facebook Messenger (video calls not included) and WhatsApp Messenger (video calls not included)

Can I sign up to Auto renew the new plans?
  • Yes, all customers can subscribe to auto renew the prepaid plans. Simply, dial * 123, choose your plan and opt into Auto renew. 
  • Auto renew allows prepaid customers to schedule the automatic purchase of any plans. When customers sign up for this service, you will not need to dial *123# to repurchase plans. You will be automatically charged the fee for the plan and receive the plan benefits, on the plan renewal date.