4. What are the benefits of the bmobile Prepaid Bring a Friend Promotion?

Two categories of customers benefit in the Bring a Friend Promotion:

  • Existing customers
  • New customers switching to bmobile

A. Benefits for Existing Prepaid Customers

The bmobile Prepaid Bring a Friend Promotion offers Existing Prepaid customers the following bonuses:

  • $25 top up credit for each customer successfully switched to bmobile.
  • Percentage discount off their prepaid plan purchases for 6 months for each customer successfully ported in during the promotion. The maximum discount which will be applied to any one customer is 50%.

  • For example, an existing bmobile customer who refers 5 customers will receive $125 credit and a 50% discount on the $349 month plan. The customer will save $175 and only pay $175 for the next 6 months.

B. Benefits for Customers switching to bmobile

The bmobile Prepaid Bring a Friend Promotion offers customers switching to bmobile the following bonuses:

  • One Month Free Service
  • Discounts on Prepaid Plan for 3 months (see below):
Plan Details Existing Plan Fee Percentage Discount New Plan Fee SAVINGS
$99 7 Day Plan $99 25% $75 $72
$215 Month Plan $215 50% $108 $324
$349 Month Plan $349 25% $262 $261