Prepaid Triple Data $215 and $149 Promotion

Frequently Asked Questions What is the Prepaid Triple Data Promotion? All Prepaid customers who purchase the following plans in the promotion period will receive triple their data: 30 Day Talk & Data Plan for $215.00. 30 Day B-Productive Plan for $149.00. When would the Prepaid Triple Data promotion be available? The promotion is available from read more

Forgive & Reconnect

Frequently Asked Questions Can customers with outstanding balances under one year pay off the remaining balance in less than the recommended time? Yes. Customers can pay off the outstanding balance in less time (minimum is 1 month). Customers will not be allowed to exceed the maximum recommended time period. That is outstanding balances: ● 7-11 read more

Prepaid Gift of Free Service

Frequently Asked Questions 1. What is the bmobile Prepaid Gift of Free Service The bmobile Prepaid Gift of Free Service promotion has been introduced to reward existing customers with credit and discounts on prepaid plans. Existing customers have to simply refer their contacts and encourage them to switch to bmobile. 2. What is the promotional read more

Prepaid Top-Up $30 Get 1GB Promotion

Frequently Asked Questions What is the bmobile top up $30 get 1GB Promotion This promotion rewards customers who top up $30 or more with 1GB of data. The bonus is only applicable for the first qualifying top up each month. What is the duration of the promotion? The promotion is available until March 31, 2022 read more

Auto Renew Service for Prepaid Plans

Frequently Asked Questions If I have not auto renewed, on more than one occasion, can I still access the Auto Renew service on my prepaid plan? Of course, as soon as you top up, your Auto Renew service will be reactivated and the cost for the plan will be deducted from your credit balance. Where read more