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  • 10) How can I use my Unlimited free access to FB and Whatsapp messaging apps?

    Free access to messaging Apps applies to WhatsApp and Facebook Messaging only.

    Voice and Video calls not included.

    FB and WhatsApp messaging are available for local use and while travelling abroad in specific destinations. See details below on specific activity that is included or excluded from the plan.

  • 19) Where can I call for further information about this promotion?

    For additional information you can dial 824-8788 or *100 from your handset or visit the bmobile FB or IG pages.

  • 18) If I switch to bmobile, can I purchase these plans?

    Yes, all customers who bring their number from another network can access these plans.
    You will also receive up to 50% discount when you buy specific plans. Dial *123# from your handset, choose “Special Promotions” for discounted prices.

    Plan NameRegular PriceYour PriceDiscount
    $99 7 Day Plan$99$7525%
    $215 30 Day Plan$215$10850%
    $349 30 Day Plan$349$26225%

    The discounted plans can be purchased for a maximum of three (3) times.

  • 17) Can I purchase these plans online?

    Yes, these plans can be purchased at our online portal –

  • 16) How will I know when my plan expires?

    When your plan expires you will receive an expiry message via text. The expiration date of unlimited usage will depend on the date you purchase a plan and which plan you purchase.

  • 15) Do I benefit from this new offer, if I have already purchased a plan?

    Yes, all customers who purchased a prepaid plan in the last two weeks will be automatically upgraded to the new plans, free of charge.

    The expiry date of your plan will remain the same.

  • 14) Can I sign up to Auto renew the new plans?
    • Yes, all customers can subscribe to auto renew their prepaid plans. Simply, dial * 123, choose your plan and opt into Auto renew.
    • Auto renew allows prepaid customers to schedule the automatic purchase of any plans. When customers sign up for this service, you will not need to dial *123# to repurchase plans. You will be automatically charged the fee for the plan and receive the plan benefits, on the plan renewal date.
  • 13) How do I enjoy more value from these plans?

    The following news sites are included, free of charge within the plans:

    • Trinidad Express –
    • Trinidad Guardian –
    • Trinidad Newsday –
    • CNN –
    • BBC –

    You can also enjoy the following apps with these prepaid plans – Facebook Messenger (video calls not included) and WhatsApp Messenger (video calls not included)

  • 12) Can I buy other prepaid plans for use while travelling abroad?

    Yes, you can purchase a roaming plan. Simply dial *123# and choose “Roaming Plans” from the menu.

    Additional information on prepaid roaming plans can be found here.

  • 11) How can I use these plans when I travel abroad?

    The plans currently include the following for use while travelling abroad or roaming:

    • $215 Month Plan includes 1 GB Data for roaming
    • $349 Month Plan includes 3 GB of Data for roaming
    • FB and WhatsApp messaging can be used in specific international destinations :
    • Caribbean

    Anguilla, Antigua, Barbados, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, Montserrat, St. Kitts/Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Turks & Caicos.

    • USA
    • United Kingdom
    • Canada

    Unlimited data, unlimited text messages, unlimited bmobile calls, local calls and calls to specific international destinations can only be used within Trinidad and Tobago.

  • 1) How do I purchase a plan?

    Simply follow the steps below to purchase the plan:

    • Dial *123# from your handset
    • Choose the “Special Promotions” option from the Menu
    • Choose a plan from the options listed.

    These plans can also be purchased at our online portal  –

  • 9) When I travel, can I use data if my roaming bundle is depleted?

    Yes. If your roaming data bundle is depleted, you will receive a notification advising you of this. If you continue to use data while you’re abroad, standard international roaming rates will apply. See our international roaming rates here.

  • 8) How can I use my Unlimited Data?

    When using Unlimited Data, you should be guided by bmobile’s fair usage policy to avoid losing service. See further details of the policy here.

  • 7) How can I use the text messages in this plan?

    You can send text messages to any local or international mobile number. Texts to premium text services are not included in the unlimited text messages quota, since these are not sent to or received from a mobile number.

  • 6) Where can I call with these plans?
    • The Unlimited bmobile calls included in the plan can be used to call any bmobile number, except for premium numbers which will incur a charge.
    • Anywhere minutes can be used to call Digicel, Flow, Lisa Communications and Open Telecom, except for calls to premium numbers which will incur a charge.
    • Anywhere minutes can also be used to call USA, UK, Canada, Hong Kong, Ireland, China and India.
    • Note, premium numbers usually begin with 976 and are charged at rates specified by service provider. An example would be the 976-6000 used for Play Whe Picks.

    Pay as You Go rates will apply for any usage outside of the stated terms and conditions. Please visit our Prepaid page – Prepaid Rates for more information.

  • 5) Can I still buy other prepaid plans or participate in other promotions, while I have one of these plans?

    Yes, you can buy other prepaid plans or qualify for any active prepaid promotions, as required.

  • 4) If I buy multiple plans on my account, which one will be used up first?

    The plan usage priority will be based on expiry date. For example, if you purchase a 7 day plan plan and a 30 day plan, the 7 day plan will be used up first, followed by the month plan.

  • 3) Can I purchase more than one plan, at the same time?

    Yes, you can purchase more than one plan, at the same time. Simply dial *123# to purchase any prepaid plan.

  • 2) How will I know that I have successfully added a plan to my account?

    When you purchase a new prepaid plan, you will receive a text message confirming your plan purchase.

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