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The bmobile Postpaid Platinum Club offers our members exclusive benefits, updates on promotions and discounts on Postpaid products and services. The Offer: $150 bill credit every eight (8)  months over the contract period of eighteen (18)  months.

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    Terms & Conditions

    These Terms and Conditions apply to Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago Limited’s (“TSTT”) Postpaid Club and are supplemental to the Postpaid and Prepaid Terms and Conditions. In the event of any inconsistency, the latter shall prevail as they relate to the provision of mobile services. Participants in TSTT’s Postpaid Club (“Participants”) are afforded discounts on products and services of TSTT and/or designated Partner Merchants.

    By accepting membership in the Postpaid Club, you will be deemed to have read, understood and accepted these Terms and Conditions.

      1. 1. Membership
        1. 1.1.Eligibility – The Postpaid Club is available to all non-Corporate TSTT bmobile Postpaid subscribers.
        2. 1.2.Enrollment – To become a member of the Postpaid Club, you must opt in to the Club by responding “Yes” to an invitation SMS and/or email sent to you. You will not be charged for either the invitation message or the response message.
        3. 1.3.TSTT may, at various times and with your consent request additional information or ask you to participate in surveys to better assist us in providing you with beneficial and quality products and services.
      2. 2. Warranties Given By the Participant
        1. 2.1. In addition to complying with the provisions of these terms and conditions you warrant to TSTT that:
          1. 2.1.1. You will give to TSTT such information as is requested in order to verify your entitlements under the Postpaid Club or for any other reasonable purpose whatsoever.
          2. 2.1.2. You own or are authorised to use the TSTT bmobile phone against which Club discounts will accrue.
          3. 2.1.3. You will at all times be solely responsible for the safety and use of any promotional items and/or benefits given to you as a result of your membership in the Postpaid Club. Save and except where TSTT defaults, TSTT accepts no responsibility or liability for inability to use benefits ascribed under Postpaid Club offers. This applies to all postpaid account holders including individual, family and business plans.
      3. 3. Club Benefits
        1. 3.1. Your receipt of Postpaid Club benefits (hereinafter called “Benefit” or “Reward”) will be on the basis of your enrolment in the Club and your usage of TSTT’s bmobile network and such other criteria as TSTT may in its sole and absolute discretion decide from time to time. Benefits will be issued only upon opt-in to the Club and will not be issued retroactively.
        2. 3.2. By opting in to the Postpaid Club, you agree to a minimum service period of eighteen(18) months for your postpaid service from the date of opting in.
            3.2.1. Notwithstanding your enrolment in this Postpaid Club, your obligations under any fixed term agreement with TSTT continue to be in force. Should you choose to terminate your fixed term agreement prior to the expiry of the minimum service period stated herein or in your fixed term agreement, you will be subject to early termination fees as set out in TSTT’s Mobile Prepaid and Postpaid Terms and Conditions or this agreement, whichever specifies a later minimum service period.
        3. 3.3. Each Benefit awarded to Postpaid Club members shall be deemed accessible for a maximum period of fourteen (14) days unless otherwise stated.
        4. 3.4. Benefits do not accrue for use following expiration of the promotion unless otherwise stated.
        5. 3.5. Benefits awarded cannot be exchanged for cash or any other consideration.
        6. 3.6. Benefits are neither transferrable nor assignable to any other TSTT Postpaid Club member, Postpaid customer or prepaid customer.
        7. 3.7. Upon termination of a Postpaid account, all benefits accrued to such account shall be relinquished immediately.
        8. 3.8. In the event your membership in the Postpaid Club is subject to the approval of a third party then TSTT will not be liable to you in the event it complies with the instructions of such third party in determining your continued membership and access to benefits of the Postpaid Club provided such third party submit sufficient proof of ownership of the phone/account. TSTT makes no warranty, express or implied, regarding the merchantability, fitness for a particular use or otherwise, regarding any merchandise or other rewards or services obtained by redemption.
        9. 3.9. Customer acknowledges that TSTT shall not be liable for any direct or indirect loss, damage or expense arising from the use of the Benefits. , Notwithstanding the above, TSTT’s entire liability hereunder for damages from any cause whatsoever and regardless of the form of action or the cause of action whether in contract or tort shall not exceed an amount equivalent to fees payable by Customer for a six (6) month period immediately preceding the event giving rise to the cause of action.
        10. 3.10. TSTT reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion to set any quota for, or replace or withdraw any featured Reward at any time and to substitute any Reward requested for redemption by a Postpaid Club Member for a different Reward of comparable alue to the particular Reward requested by the Postpaid Club Member.
        11. 3.11. TSTT may require that, in order to access a given benefit, you identify yourself through the presentation of such documentation as shall be considered suitable for verification by TSTT including but not limited to any of the following forms of identification: national Identification Card, Driver’s Permit or Passport.
        12. 3.12. TSTT is not responsible or liable for any unauthorized use of the services contemplated herein.
      4. 4. Use of Personal Data
        1. 4.1.TSTT will use and be entitled to disclose the personal information you provide for the following purposes:
          1. 4.1.1. Administering the Postpaid Club;
          2. 4.1.2. Fraud prevention and law enforcement;
          3. 4.1.3. Marketing and research related activities;
          4. 4.1.4. Such other purposes as may be provided in the terms and conditions of use of TSTT’s mobile services;
          5. 4.1.5. Compliance with any legal requirements or court order.
      5. 5. Miscellaneous
        1. 5.1.The Postpaid Club and the benefits thereof are offered at the sole and absolute discretion of TSTT. TSTT reserves the right to vary the terms and conditions of the Postpaid Club at any time upon the provision of reasonable notice. Modifications to these terms and conditions will be posted on bmobile’s website.
        2. 5.2.In the event these terms and conditions are amended or varied as provided in item 5.1 above your continued membership in the Postpaid Club after such variation will be deemed to be an acceptance of such a variation.
        3. 5.3.TSTT reserves the right to change, at any time, with reasonable notice, any aspect of the Postpaid Club. This right includes, but is not limited to the rules governing the Postpaid Club; changes in Partner Merchant affiliation; these terms and conditions; and Special features or promotional offers.
        4. 5.4.TSTT is not responsible for a Partner Merchant’s termination of its participation in the Postpaid Club.
        5. 5.5.Additional or revised rules/terms and conditions relative to the Postpaid Club may be communicated to you from time to time through text messages, updates posted on the bmobile website, press updates, mailings, oral or written disclosures made by customer service representatives at our Retail Stores or Authorised Channel Partners.
      6. 6. Unsubscribing and Termination
        1. 6.1.You will be able to unsubscribe yourself from the Postpaid Club by texting “Remove”, “Stop” or “No” to 2525 or such other number as may be communicated to you. Such message will be at no charge. Unsubscribing from the Postpaid Club does not absolve you from any Early Termination Fees payable as a result of termination of your postpaid service or upon migrating your postpaid service to prepaid.
        2. 6.2.TSTT reserves the right to terminate or discontinue the Postpaid Club at any time, without liability upon providing reasonable notice of its intention to do so. In the event that notice of termination is given, such notice will be effective immediately upon publication of the notice.
        3. 6.3.TSTT reserves the right to terminate your participation in the Postpaid Club forthwith in the following circumstances:
          1. 6.3.1. Upon any detection of fraud or attempted fraud relating to your enrolment, the access and use of benefits ascribed under the Postpaid Club;
          2. 6.3.2. Breach of any of these terms and conditions;
          3. 6.3.3. If as postpaid subscriber; you terminate your postpaid agreement with TSTT or migrate to a pre-paid phone/account;
          4. 6.3.4. Any other circumstances may be reasonably determined by TSTT.
          5. 6.3.5. If your membership in the Postpaid Club is terminated under any of the circumstances set out in clause 6.3.1 above you will lose your right to access/use any Benefit attributed to your account and the same will be deemed to have been forfeited. In addition TSTT reserves the right to take appropriate legal action as it deems necessary to recover damages and other expenses incurred in pursing any related action.
          6. 6.3.6. In the event that your Postpaid subscription with TSTT is deactivated, any Benefit associated with your bmobile number will also be removed with that subscription.
          7. 6.3.7. If you wish to change your phone number, you will be required to opt in to the Postpaid Club again.

    These terms and conditions are subject to reasonable interpretation by TSTT and any questions or disputes regarding a Participant’s eligibility for the Programme, the earning and redemption of Reward Points and a Participants compliance with these terms and conditions will be resolved by TSTT and decisions reached will be final.

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