Mobile Phone Safety

Last modified: October 14, 2020

Ensuring your mobile experience is safe and hassle-free

Bmobile is committed to ensuring that your mobile experience is as hassle- free and seamless as possible.

Below are some simple precautions you can take to secure your handset from accidental or unwanted use, especially in the event that your handset is lost or stolen.

Phone Safety


Personal Identification Numbers (PINs), Personal Unlock Codes (PUKs) and Locks provide an extra level of security for mobile phones. GSM mobile handsets have quite a number of these codes. It is advisable, however, to use only the ones you understand how to use and those that are necessary.


The PIN is used to prevent others from using your mobile phone without your permission.

You have the option to enable and disable the PIN. If the PIN is enabled, you will need to enter this code every time you turn on your phone. Unless a valid PIN is entered, you can use the phone to make emergency calls only. If the PIN is disabled, the phone will be fully functional without entering the PIN. This makes your phone less secure as anyone who has access to it can utilize any of the features and services enabled on the SIM.

Customers are advised to enable the PIN security feature to prevent fraudulent use of your phone.


In the event you forget your PIN code, you will be given three chances to access it properly. If however, you are unable to, the SIM card will lock up and you will be required to enter the Personal Unlock Code (PUK) to release it. When you purchase your GSM mobile, ask the Customer Service Representative for the PUK code. Once you have this code, keep it in a secure place. This is because if you attempt to unlock the phone using the wrong PUK code, your SIM will be permanently disabled.


You can lock the phone’s keypad so that you don’t make calls by accidentally pressing buttons. The exact sequence of keys vary from handset to handset but many use MENU then * or you can press the * and then # keys simultaneously. Please refer to your handset manual for key lock instructions specific to your handset.

Note: This lock will not disable the power ‘Off’ button, so it is possible to switch your phone off, even if the keypad is locked.


This is a voicemail PIN code used to secure your voicemail service on your mobile. If you do not set this code, you may not be able to access voicemail from anywhere but your own mobile phone.

Leaving the voicemail PIN as the default can allow other people to listen to or tamper with your messages.

Note: When your voicemail box is first set up, the default code is usually your mobile number.

SIM card Safety


Your bmobile handset contains a small chip called a Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card. Each SIM card is identified by unique numbers, including a mobile phone number.

The SIM card enables services to be delivered by bmobile. ‘SIM-locking’ is the practice whereby handsets are locked so that they can only be used to obtain the services from the original provider of the mobile service, in this case, bmobile. Therefore, a customer purchasing a handset from bmobile will be unable to use this handset with another mobile provider’s SIM card.

“SIM locking” is more accurately termed ‘mobile locking.’ The SIM card itself is not actually locked, as it can be used with other handsets (that are not locked to other networks).
Note: Mobile users cannot unlock their own handsets. This can be done only by the respective mobile provider.


SIM cards come attached to a larger plastic backing. The shape of this backing looks very much like a credit or debit card. Therefore, at the point of purchase ensure that the SIM card is securely attached to the plastic backing before you accept the SIM card from the Customer Service Representative. If at the point of purchase the SIM card’s backing has been broken off, we advise you to NOT accept it. After this first check, punch out the SIM card from the plastic backing and insert it into the SIM cardholder in your mobile. In most cases, the Customer Service Representative will do this for you. The SIM card will then be activated.

Stolen or Lost Phone?

If your phone is lost or stolen, please follow the steps below:

Make a report to the nearest police station
Call bmobile’s help desk at *100, Monday to Sunday, 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. After hours, please dial the operator. You can also visit any bmobile store or bmobile partner to have your mobile phone service temporarily deactivated

You will have to provide:

An Identification Card or Driver’s Permit (which must match the information submitted to bmobile when the account was opened)
A copy of the Police Report

You will be required to settle any outstanding balances on your account and will be bound to any contractual agreements. You are then free to take up another mobile service if you wish.

For further information, call our help desk at *100

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