Fixed Line Cessation

Last modified: November 30, 2020

Exiting the Replacement of Fixed Voice

What does TSTT mean by saying they are exiting the replacement of Fixed Voice (landline) handsets?

TSTT’s exit of the replacement of fixed voice handsets means that TSTT will no longer replace defective or faulty landline handsets for existing and new customers.

Will TSTT still provide a handset when I request new Fixed Voice service from TSTT?

Yes, new customers requesting first time installation of landline service will be provided with a handset by TSTT to enable use of the voice service.

When will TSTT stop replacing Fixed Voice handsets?

TSTT will stop replacing landline handsets for existing and new customers effective January 01st 2019.

For customers requesting a change of handset before 1st January 2019, will we be allowed to change our handsets before the change is effected?

Yes, customers requesting a replacement of their existing handset will be allowed to contact TSTT to request a replacement before the change is effected on 1st January 2019. This is dependent on availability of stock.

Where can I purchase a fixed voice (landline) handset?

You can purchase a corded or cordless handset with an RJ11 port at any reputable electronic retailer within Trinidad and Tobago or online.

Does TSTT charge me a monthly rental for my landline handset?

No, TSTT would charge you a monthly rental for the line installed to enable the use of the landline handset.

Can I still report a fault on my landline if I have a problem?

Yes, if you receive a service fault, you are invited to call 824-TSTT (8788) to have your service report entered.

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