3. Which customers are eligible for the promotion?

The following POSTPAID customers are eligible for the promotion:

  • New customers signing up for any Postpaid Plan
  • New customers switching to bmobile Postpaid Plans from another service provider
  • Existing Prepaid customers migrating to Postpaid Service
  • Existing Postpaid customers upgrading to the Postpaid Unlimited Plan or Postpaid Shared Plan
  • Existing Postpaid Customers on the Everything LTE $399 plan or higher renewing their existing plan for a 24 month period
  • Postpaid customers purchasing selected Handsets/Devices on a Postpaid Plan
  • New and existing Postpaid customers signing up for Med-Link


PREPAID customers can take part in many different ways:

  • Top Up $100 or more cumulatively (No blighs will be counted)
  • Purchase any Unlimited Plan by dialling *123# from your handset
  • Sign up for Prepaid Service
  • Migration to Prepaid Service
  • Port Into bmobile
  • Purchase or upgrade your prepaid handset


The following RESIDENTIAL customers are eligible for the promotion and will pay a discounted price of $125 ($140.62 Vat Inclusive) for the Unlimited $175 Voice Plan:

  • NEW customers signing up for the unlimited $175 Voice plan. They will pay $125 monthly for three (3) months.
  • EXISTING Smart Choice and Pay As You Go customers are eligible to participate in the Christmas promotion.
  • Customers who upgrade from $89.00 to $175 Unlimited Voice Plan