Fair Usage Policy


Bmobile has developed this Fair Usage Policy to ensure that customers enjoy all of the benefits of the services they have subscribed to and to allow the company to make timely and customer-friendly interventions to ensure that no subscriber is put at a disadvantage due to the unfair usage or conduct of others.

This policy is intended to provide customers with hassle-free use of all services and offers made by the company including offerings of ‘Unlimited’ access to services.

Bmobile understands that mobile services are an important lifeline for customers so its Unlimited services are intended for private and personal use to give customers always-ready access whenever the need arises. As such it is based on the principle of reasonable “fair use” of an average customer. Breaches of this may arise where the Unlimited access is exploited for profit, reselling or for extraordinary and prolonged continuous use. Such usage may affect the quality of service experienced by other customers and may prompt bmobile to intervene in the interest of customers.

Under this policy if a subscriber uses any service excessively or engages in the unauthorized reselling of the service or unauthorized use of the service to make a profit, bmobile reserves the right to take appropriate steps ranging from alerting the customer to discontinuing the service, to ensure other customers are not affected and to protect the relevant customer from accumulating indebtedness.

Normal Use
Normal allowed use is determined by the commercial policy in effect at that time regarding the service plan or offer in question and has an established limit on minutes or data that a customer is entitled to. Bmobile reserves the right to inform the subscriber that they are close to the limit set out and then, if such limit is surpassed, to apply further charges and/or register the subscriber under another service plan. If the excessive level of usage persists bmobile may at its sole discretion, suspend the customer’s access to the service or to the company’s network, either provisionally or indefinitely, with no further notice. At all times it will be bmobile’s goal to work with the customer to bring their usage and indebtedness under control so they can continue to enjoy the benefit of services.

Unlimited Use
Unlimited use relates to services for voice, text and data or Internet access services via a mobile device and does not include use through PBX or any other access point connected to a computer for the purpose of making a large number of voice and video calls and/or sending a high volume of data and/or simultaneously sending SMS or MMS. The unlimited use also does not include calls and SMS and/or MMS terminating in a foreign country or calls and SMS and/or MMS to short codes or calls, SMS and MMS made when roaming.

The conditions for having Unlimited use expires in accordance with the lifespan of the subscribed service plan e.g. 1 day, 7 days or 30 days in the case of Prepaid services and for Postpaid customers conditions for having Unlimited use expires with the lifespan of the billing cycle.

Bmobile reserves the right to end the service and/or offer in question; to change the period during which the offer is valid and/or to amend the relative terms of this policy, without further notification.

Terms and Conditions of use of bmobile Unlimited Plans (Prepaid and Postpaid)

These plans are intended for individual use by a bmobile subscriber and are not for commercial use, resale or use by groups of individuals.

In order to ensure all customers have access to our network and limit congestion, customers subscribing to any “unlimited” plan will enjoy the fastest possible 4G access speeds and voice services for the lifespan of their plan, provided the following maximum data and voice use are not reached:


Data Usage


Voice Usage


Postpaid Plans


18,000 mins

Prepaid Day Plan


600 mins

Prepaid Week Plan


4200 mins

Prepaid Month Plan


18,000 mins


Bmobile will notify customers via text message when they are near or have surpassed the fair usage threshold for voice and 4G data.

Should customers reach the fair usage threshold of the minutes on their plan within the given plan cycle, they will be charged the standard per minute pay as you go rate, subject to the remaining balance on their credit limit for Postpaid customers or the remaining balance on their Top Up for Prepaid customers.

Should customers reach the fair usage threshold of their 4G data allotment before the lifespan of their plan expires we will either throttle your speed to 256kbps or limit further access. Postpaid customers can continue accessing 4G high speed data by purchasing a data add-on; Prepaid customers will also be able to purchase additional data or can be charged the standard per MB pay as you go rate, subject to the remaining balance of their Top Up.

Unlimited data service on these plans is not intended for use on a mobile device that is being used as a Hot Spot or is tethering any other device (such as a computer, smartphone, other phones, eBook or eReader, media player, laptop, notebook, tablet, mobile hotspots, gaming consoles, or other devices with similar functions). This includes, without limitation, the use of connection kits, applications, devices or accessories (using wired or wireless technology) unless the customer has subscribed to a Service plan with a limited high-speed data allowance and a feature offered specifically for tethering.

For the purposes of streaming videos and music and playing online games in an Unlimited plan, bmobile will structure download speeds as follows:

Video Streaming

Audio Streaming

Online Gaming

Up to 512kbps

Up to 512kbps

Up to 512kbps

Bmobile reserves the right to end this service/offer, to change the period during which the offer is valid and/or to amend the relative terms of this policy, with or without notice.

Subject to the above, the standard Postpaid and Prepaid Terms and Conditions apply.