/UWI Freshers Week Promotion FAQ

UWI Freshers Week Promotion FAQ

  • 1. What is bmobile’s UWI Freshers Week Promotion

    bmobile presents three offers for all customers who attend the UWI Freshers Week from September 5to 6, 2019:

    • Option 1 –Double Top Up Promotion on $50, $100 or $200 top up
    • Option 2 –Discounted Handset for $199 Vat Inclusive
    • Option 3 –D Reel Nailah 1 GB Plan for $99.

    In addition, to accessing the offers above, all participants who purchase the D Reel Nailah 1 GB Plan receive two bonuses for their participation:

    • Each customer wins a personal copy of Nailah Blackman debut Album REEL.
    • Each customer earns a chance for the Grand Prize of being a specially invited guest of Nailah Blackman to Miami Carnival 2019.

    Customers can access any or all promotional offers.

  • 2. What is the duration of the promotion?

    Customers can access any of the offers during the Uwi Freshers week from September 4 to 20, 2019. As an added benefit, the d reel Nailah 1 GB plan will continue to be available until September 30, 2019.
  • 3. How do I participate in this promotion?

    You can choose to participate in one of several ways and earn several bonuses, as detailed below:

    • Customers are required to pay the top up amount + VAT to access the double top up and plan offers
    • Handset price is $199 VAT Inclusive


  • 4. How do I buy a plan in this promotion?

    Dial * 123# from your mobile phone, choose Option 1 “Buy a plan and get Nailah album”, choose the 1 GB B REEL plan.
  • 5. What do I receive in the B REEL promotion when I buy the B REEL 1GB plan?

    You will receive 1 GB of data plus access to download the Nailah Blackman debut album FREE. The data is valid for 30 days. You also earn a chance to win the Grand Prize of a trip to Miami Carnival 2019.
  • 6. How will I get my free album?

    Upon successful purchase of your plan, you will receive a confirmation text message. The text message includes a link to download the Nailah album to your phone. You will be required to register for your download by completing a brief online registration form. The album will be sent to you within 2 working days of your plan purchase.


  • 7. What top up values are eligible for the promotion?

    You must top up exactly $50, $100 or $200 to qualify for this promotion. You will receive bonus credit equivalent to your top up amount.
  • 8. How will I receive my Bonus Credit?

    The promotional bonus credit will be added to your prepaid number within two (2) working days, after you top up. For example, if you top up $50, you will receive $50 bonus credit.
  • 9. How will I know that I have received my free credit?

    You will receive the following text message confirming the receipt of the promotional bonus credit.

    “Thank you for participating in Bmobile’s Double Top Up Promo. You have rec’d bonus $x.xx. Dial *123#, Query balances to check credit.”

    Your promotional bonus credit balance will be sent immediately to you in a text message.

  • 10. Am I limited to one top up per day?

    You can top up as many times as you like during the promotion and receive the bonus credit for each transaction.
  • 11. Would I receive the bonus credit if I top up multiple times for the day?

    You will receive the bonus credit for each top up transaction.
  • 12. How can I use my FREE credit?

    Bonus credit can be used to make calls to Bmobile numbers.
  • 13. When will my FREE credit expire?

    Promotional bonus credit is valid for seven (7) days.


  • 14. What is the price of the promotional phone?

    The Table below lists the Android price (VAT Inclusive) being offered.

    The promotional offer also includes:
    NEW PREPAID subscribers receive a bundle of free services for 30 Days. The Bundle Includes:

    • Unlimited Calls to bmobile mobile and TSTT landline
    • 1 GB Data
  • 15. Who can qualify for this Promotion?

    NEW Prepaid customers can qualify for this promotional offer. New prepaid customers will also be required to purchase a prepaid SIM Card.
  • 16. When will my bundle be provisioned?

    The Prepaid bundle would be provisioned two (2) working days after the purchase of the device.


  • 17. How can I download the album?

    We will send a text message to your mobile phone, which contains the link for registration to download the album. Simply, fill out the registration form and the download will be provided within 2 working days.
  • 18. How many times can I download the album?

    You can download the album once, on one device.
  • 19. How will I know that the album is ready for download?

    You will receive an email to the email address used for registration.
  • 20. Can I share the free album?

    Sharing the download will degrade the quality of the music. Customers should only use their personal album to experience the true quality of the music.
  • 21. What do I receive in the Grand Prize?

    The Grand Prize winner will be a specially invited guest of Nailah Blackman at the Miami Carnival 2019. The winner will enjoy the following:

    • Return airfare to Miami Carnival 2019
    • Hotel accommodation
    • Ground transportation to and from Airport and to special events
    • Access to events/performances of Nailah Blackman
    • Meet and greet with Nailah Blackman and her team

    Note, the winner must have a United States Visa to access this prize. The specifics of the prize are subject to

  • 22. Whom do I contact if I need assistance or have queries about this promotion?

    For assistance or queries, please call our Customer Service Center at 824-TSTT (8788), option 2 or dial *100, or visit our website or visit Bmobile’s Facebook page http://facebook.com/bmobile for more details.