/Top Up

Top Up

Multiple top up alternatives

Card Top-up

bmobile makes available both the scratch card and e-card alternatives that can be purchased to top up your prepaid account.

Emergency Top Up/Gimme a Bligh

This service allows any prepaid customer to get a credit to their phone without having to visit a top-up agent.

Yooz Top up

This service allows any Republic Bank Debit card holder or any Credit Card holder to top up by accessing your own funds. It also means you can top up 24/7!!

International Top-up

A new and easy way for friends and family from overseas to top-up your bmobile prepaid account! They can simply visit one of the thousands of locations across the U.S. and Canada where the bmobile International Top-Up sign is displayed.

Direct Top-up

This is a paperless form of top up. There are no voucher numbers or PIN to recharge the account. Instead the airtime is sent directly to your phone. Direct top up is available at our Authorized Channel Partner stores nationwide.

Online Topup

Online Top-Up allows anyone with access to a PC and internet service to top-up a prepaid mobile account using a valid credit card to pay for the Top-Up purchase.

UTu Top-up

This service allows you to top up yourself and five (5) other friends or family members by accessing your own funds. It also means you can top up 24/7!!