• 1. What is Bmobile’s Online Top Up Promotion?

    Bmobile’s Online Top Up Promotion offers FREE DOUBLE CREDIT when prepaid customers topup on the bmobile website or with the bmobile top up app.

    Simply have friends and family locally and abroad send top up to your prepaid number and the promotional bonus credit will be added to your prepaid balance.

  • 2. What is the duration of the promotion?

    Prepaid customers can participate in the promotion from Oct 22nd – Oct 23rd 2019
  • 3. What would customers participating in this promotion receive?

    Customers participating in the promotion will receive the equivalent of their top up as bonus credit.
  • 4. How will I receive my Bonus Credit?

    The promotional bonus credit will be added to your prepaid number within 30 minutes, after you top up. For example, if you top up $40, you will receive $40 bonus credit.
  • 5. How will I know that I have received my free credit?

    You will receive the following text message confirming the receipt of the promotional bonus credit.

    “Thank you for participating in Bmobile’s Online Top Up Promo. You have rec’d bonus US $x.xx. Dial *123# Query balances to check credit.”

    You can also confirm receipt of promotional bonus credit by dialing *123#, choose Query balances. Your promotional bonus credit balance will be sent immediately to you in a text message.

    Your prepaid account balance can also be verified by dialing *120#, and press send.

  • 6. What is Bmobile Online Top Up?

    This service allows anyone who resides in Trinidad and Tobago or abroad to go to the bmobile website  or the bmobile top up app and send credit to any Bmobile prepaid number.

    Online Top Up provides convenient way to top up, without having to go to a store:

    • Your friends and family abroad can send top up to you.
    • You can send top up to yourself or any other prepaid number, while you are abroad.
    • You can send top up to yourself, while you are in Trinidad and Tobago.
  • 7. How do I purchase Bmobile Online Top Up?

    Online Top Up can be purchased in the following ways:

    • On the bmobile website
    • From the bmobile top up app, which can be downloaded via the Play Store and App store
  • 8. What do I need to use Bmobile Online Top Up?

    • An active Bmobile Online Top Up account, which is a simple registration process.
    • A valid credit card, MasterCard, VISA, Amex, or PayPal account.
    • An active prepaid Bmobile number that will receive the top up.
    • A valid email address.
  • 9. Am I limited to one top up per day?

    You can top up as many times as you like during the promotion and receive the bonus credit once. However, certain restrictions may be applied by your credit card company. For example, credit card transactions may be limited to three (3) per day.
  • 10. Would I receive the bonus credit if I top up multiple times for the day?

    You will ONLY receive the bonus credit on your first top up for the day.
  • 11. How can I use my FREE credit?

    Bonus credit can be used to make calls and send text messages to Bmobile numbers and make calls to US,UK and Canada.
  • 12. Do customers participating in the online promotion qualify for other top up promotions?

    No. Customers participating in this promotion who may also qualify for other top up promos on the same day will only receive the FREE bonus credit associated with this promotion.
  • 13. When will my FREE credit expire?

    Promotional bonus credit is valid for seven (7) days.
  • 14. Whom do I contact if I need assistance or have queries about this promotion?

    For assistance or queries, please call our Customer Service Center at 824-TSTT (8788), option 2 or dial *100, or visit our website or visit Bmobile’s Facebook page for more details.