/Nyla off to Miami Carnival as the winner of bmobile’s ‘B REEL’ Promotion

Nyla off to Miami Carnival as the winner of bmobile’s ‘B REEL’ Promotion

Winner Nyal Nanlal and TSTT’s Manager of Prepaid and Value Added Services, flash bright smiles as they celebrate Nyla’s win. The loyal bmobile customer will be joining Nailah Blackman at Miami Carnival thanks to an all expenses paid trip from bmobile.

Maybe it’s the name, maybe it’s fate, or maybe she was just lucky – whatever the reason, Nyla Nanlal, is a happy woman, as she emerged the winner of the Grand Prize in bmobile’s ‘B REEL’ Nailah Blackman Promotion.  Nanlal, 37, who won by topping up her bmobile phone online, is off to Miami Carnival with all expenses paid. As part of her prize, Nanlal will also accompany the soca star to select events and performances, as her specially invited guest. 

Yes, it’s REEL – Nyla Nanlal, winner of bmobile’s ‘B REEL’ Nailah Blackman Promotion collects the official letter from TSTT’s Kisha Alleyne Reece at the Company’s Headquarters on Edward Street, Port-of-Spain

The promotion was a partnership between bmobile and Nailah Blackman and ran from August 23 to September 30. Customers had a chance to win the grand prize by purchasing a special 1GB prepaid plan, participating in the Text to Win campaign or by purchasing an online top up of $100 or more at www.bmobiletopup.com.

In August, the multi-hyphenated entertainer, released her highly-anticipated EP (Extended Play) record, titled The Reel. As part of the collaboration, bmobile customers who topped up their account with $100 or more were also given the opportunity to download the soca sensation’s debut album for free.  

According to Marsha Caballero, TSTT’s Senior Manager Corporate Communications, the partnership with Nailah, is a testament to the company’s commitment to supporting local and promoting culture and the arts. “Nailah is a youth ambassador and we are thrilled to be able to partner with one of T&T’s promising music stars, as she continues to produce new music and represent our country on the global stage. At Nailah’s EP launch, we brought the action live via our social media platforms and gave her fans the opportunity to watch and enjoy. However, we wanted to give our loyal customers and Nailah’s supporters a chance to hear her music for free and the opportunity to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime Miami Carnival experience with the star. ”

Nanlal, who leaves for Miami at the end of the week, was all smiles as she collected her prize from TSTT’s Prepaid and Value Added Services Manager, Kisha Alleyne-Reece, at TSTT’s Head office, on Edward Street, Port-of-Spain, on October 7.

“When I got the phone call on Friday that I was the winner, I thought I was being pranked. I even googled the credentials of the people who called. I was in disbelief for a long time. Then I started to get excited and began thinking about what I was going to wear,” Nyla said, joking that her name may have played a part in her win. “It’s spelt differently but pronounced the same way. What are the odds? That has to count for something!”

The married mother of two said while her family was elated that she had won, her husband was a bit jealous. “My kids are excited for me and said it’s a great opportunity for me to relax because I work so hard but my husband is disappointed that he’s not able to go, but somebody has to take care of the babies, right?” she joked.

The Sangre Grande resident was also in high praise of bmobile for always giving back and showing appreciation to its customers. “This trip is an early birthday present as my birthday is November 1. I cannot wait to enjoy every minute of it. I have friends who are there for Carnival already, so I will have a great time. I have been a bmobile customer since 2011 and have always maintained my relationship with them because of the way they treat their customers. I am so thankful.”