Prepaid Dad’s Incredible! Promotion

Prepaid Father’s Day promotion Dad’s Incredible! promotion rewards existing customers with prizes for participating in the promotion.

June 5th - June 30th , 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can customers sign up for the Prepaid Shared Plan?
    • You can sign up for the Prepaid Shared Plan, in any of the following ways:
      • Visit our website 
      • Visit any of our bmobile Channel Partner stores
  • How can I get more information about this promotion?

    You can get more information on this promotion through any of the following means:

    • Visit bmobile’s Facebook
    • Visit bmobile Instagram – bmobilelifeison
    • Contact us at 824-8788, from any number
    • Contact us at *100, from your bmobile phone
  • Can someone win more than one Prize?

    No, customers cannot win more than one Prize.

  • Can employees of TSTT or their family be eligible to win prizes?

    TSTT employees and immediate family members are not eligible to win a prize in any of the categories.

  • Can someone else collect my prize for me?

    If you are unable to come to collect your prize, you must send a letter of authorization and a copy of your identification with the person designated to collect the prize on your behalf. The person MUST have a valid national ID to collect on your behalf.

  • How will I know which prize I have won?

    The bmobile representative will advise you of your prize, the date on which it can be collected and the location.  You will be required to present a valid national ID to collect prize.

  • If I win, can I give my prize to someone else?

    Prizes are non-transferable.

  • How will I know if I have won a prize?

    If you participated in the Bmobile Prepaid Father’s day promotion and are a winner, you will be contacted by a bmobile representative on the mobile number which was used to register for the promotion/service.

  • When will the draws for the promotion take place?

    All draws for the promotion will take place on July 1st. 2021

  • What is the bmobile Prepaid Father’s Day promotion – Dad’s Incredible!

    The bmobile Father’s Day Promotion has been introduced to reward existing customers with prizes for participating in the promotion.

  • What are some benefits of the Prepaid Shared Plans?
    • Unlimited Calls to bmobile numbers and Landline
    • Unlimited Texts to bmobile numbers
    • Unlimited Texts to Local Networks
    • Unlimited Texts to International Networks
    • Maximum of 60 GB Total Data Allocation (to be shared by all members)
    • Maximum of 750 minutes Anywhere minutes (to be shared by all members)
    • Anywhere minutes can be used to call other local networks and call USA, UK, Canada, Hong Kong, Ireland, China and India.
    • Standard Prepaid out of bundle rates apply
  • How do I qualify when I sign up for a Prepaid Shared Plan with Auto-Renew?

    All customers that sign up before June 30, 2021 receive an entry into the promotion and will also enjoy double the data for six (6) months.  It is 

    • Sign up with at least two members and a maximum of five (5) members 
    • Pay as low as $120 per month for the plan, when five (5) members are signed up to the plan. 
    • Sign up online or opt to visit a bmobile store
  • How do I qualify when I purchase Prepaid Plans?

    The purchase of specific prepaid plans will provide an entry into this promotion:

    • Dial *123#, from your mobile device to purchase any of the following plans:
      • $99 Week Plan
      • $149 bproductive Month plan
      • $215 Month plan
      • $349 Month Plan
    • Visit or use the bmobile top up app to purchase the following plans:
      • $99 Week Plan
      • $349 Month Plan
  • How can I use my Top Up to qualify for this promotion?

    In this promotion, you can use your top up to qualify in many different ways:

    • Top Up via any store or digital option , including online top up ( the bmobile top up app
    • Top Up multiple times during the promotional period to increase your chances to win

    Note: Customers will also qualify for any promotional bonuses that are applicable for top up transactions

  • How do I access the promotion?

    There are several ways to participate in this promotion:

    • Spend $99 or more in top up. Top Up can be bought in one transaction or multiple transactions during the promotional period
    • Buy any prepaid plan for $99 or more
    • Sign Up for the Prepaid Shared Plan
    • Sign Up for new prepaid or new Prepaid Shared Plan via our website
  • What are the prizes in this promotion?

    Your entry into this promotion provides a chance to win one of the following prizes:

    Entertainment Upgrade  Man Den – 65” TV, Recliner Chair, Mini Fridge, AC Unit (cost of installation is not included
    Tools Upgrade Mobile Tool Kits (cordless power drills)
    Auto Care Upgrade Car Wash Kits – Polishing cloths, Car Polish, Car Washing Liquid, Car protectant, Mini Power Washer
    Chill Upgrade Personal Lime baskets with Alcohol and Beer
    Service Upgrade Free Prepaid Shared Plan for you and your family for 6 months
    Style Upgrade Grooming  Kits and Polo T Shirts
    Cash Upgrade $2500 Cash for online sign ups
  • What is the promotional period?

    The promotion runs from June 5 th – June 30 th , 2021

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