/Carhub FAQs

Carhub FAQs

  • 1) What is Bmobile CarHub?

    CarHub by bmobile is a service that allows our customers to experience a range of connected car features that will add an increased level of convenience, efficiency and security to their daily commute. The solution enables the vehicle to transmit vital information to its owner via a mobile application.
  • 2) What are the key features of CarHub?

    The key features of CarHub by bmobile include:

    • In-car wifi
    • Car location & monitoring service
    • Vehicle Route History
    • Driving behavior reports
    • Car diagnostics with mobile alerts
    • Vehicle health reports
  • 3) What is the Bmobile Carifesta CarHub Promotion?

    The CarHub Carifesta Promotion by bmobile offers NEW Carhub subscribers:

    • Free CarHub Device on ALL plans
    • PLUS Customers subscribing for the Carhub 40GB also get 25% discount on monthly access for the 1st 4 months.
  • 4) Which packages are eligible for the Carhub Carifesta discounts?

    The following table outlines the packages and associated costs during the Carhub Carifesta promotion.

    Note: All prices are VAT exclusive
    * 25% discount to be applied for 1st four months

  • 5) What is the duration of the Carhub Carifesta Promotion?

    The Carhub Carifesta Promotion runs for the period 16th August 2019 – 30th September 2019.
  • 6) What are the prizes offered for the Carifesta CarHub Promotion?

    10 lucky customers signing up for any CarHub plan during this promotion period can each win a $500 fuel voucher.
  • 7) How do I qualify for the prizes?

    Carhub Promotion runs for the period August 16th – Sept 30th. Promotion will be available on site at Carifesta as well as via all dealer, retail locations and online. All customers who sign up for the bmobile CarHub package, will be eligible for a chance to win.
  • 8) How many draws will there be?

    Two (2) draws to take place:

    • First Draw 6th September 2019
    • Second Draw 30th September 2019
  • 9) Where can I get more information on Carhub by bmobile and Carifesta Promotion?

    For more details visit www.bmobile.co.tt or Call *100.