It's time to make your car smart!

  • 1. What is CarHub by bmobile?

    CarHub by bmobile is a new service that allows our customers to experience a range of connected car features that will add an increased level of convenience, efficiency and security to their daily commute.  The solution enables the vehicle to transmit vital information to its owner via a mobile application.
  • 2. What are the key features of CarHub by bmobile?

    The key features of CarHub by bmobile include:

    • In-car wifi
    • Car location & monitoring service
    • Vehicle Route History
    • Driving behavior reports
    • Car diagnostics with mobile alerts
    • Vehicle health reports
  • 3. How does CarHub by bmobile work?

    Using the CarHub by bmobile is as Easy as 1-2-3.  Simply:

    • Download the CarHub mobile app to your SMART phone. (Note: app available for both android and iOS software)
    • Open app and scan QR code found on your dongle device
    • Complete onscreen registration
    • Plug in dongle device into the vehicle’s Onboard Diagnostic Port (OBDII port)
    • Start your vehicle


    CarHub by bmobile is now ready for use!

  • 4. What are the benefits of CarHub by bmobile?

    • Always stay connected on all your mobile devices with embedded wifi technology
    • Real time vehicle monitoring: always know the location of your vehicle, reduce/eliminate unauthorized use to enhance daily operations and real time fraud detection
    • Control fuel cost: Monitor driver behavior to reduce idle time for fuel savings up to 30%
    • Reduce maintenance expenses: Improve youth driving through driver coaching and real time behavior management (speeding, acceleration and braking), to keep your vehicles running smoothly and prevent accidents before they happen.
  • 5. What does CarHub by bmobile package include?

    Customers who purchase the bmobile CarHub package will receive:

    • A plug and play OBDII dongle device
    • Activated/Installed Sim card
  • 6. What are the fees associated with the bmobile CarHub service?

    The fees associated with the bmobile CarHub service include:

    Package Pricing

    Price Plan Monthly Access Bundled Data Out of Bundle Rate Equipment


    CarHub 3GB $100a 3GB $0.40/mb $1000d
    CarHub 4GB $150b 4GB $0.40/mb $300e
    CarHub 40GB $299c 40GB $0.40/mb FREE



    All prices quoted are Vat Exclusive

    Vat inclusive Monthly access (a- $112.50, b- $168.75, c- $336.38)

    Vat inclusive Equipment cost (d-$1125, e-$337.50)

  • 1. Where can I apply for CarHub by bmobile service?

    Customers can apply for CarHub by bmobile service at any of our bmobile locations nationwide.
  • 2. What are the requirements to apply for the bmobile CarHub Service?

    • Existing bmobile postpaid subscribers would be required to provide one (1) form of ID
    • New customers to bmobile or existing bmobile prepaid customers would be required to provide one form of ID and proof of address.
  • 3. Are there contracts associated with the bmobile Car Hub packages?

    Yes. A two (2) year contract is signed for each bmobile CarHub package activated.

Do you want more information?

Download the full features list.

  • 1. What are the standard reporting CarHub by bmobile would provide for any vehicle?

    The standard reporting provided from your CarHub by bmobile solution includes:

    • Vehicle location
    • Trip history
    • Driving behavior: mileage, fuel consumption (newer vehicles)
    • Driving score
    • Driving time
    • Bad driving behavior: harsh braking, harsh acceleration, harsh cornering, over speeding, fatigue driving
    • OBD II diagnostic trouble codes (newer vehicles)
  • 2. Can I use my CarHub by bmobile dongle in all my vehicles?

    Yes, the CarHub by bmobile dongle easily swaps between vehicles.  Therefore if you were to purchase a new vehicle you can retain your device and service, simply by unplugging the device from the old vehicle and plugging it into the new one.  We recommend that you also update your vehicle information on your mobile app.  However if you own more than one vehicle, to receive optimal service it is recommended that each vehicle should use a designated Car Hub dongle.
  • 3. Can CarHub by bmobile solution unlock, start or shut down my vehicle remotely?

    No.  Unlike other embedded solutions which voids the warranty of your vehicle, CarHub by bmobile does not provide this functionality.
  • 4. Is CarHub by bmobile a security device for vehicles?

    Despite the ability to provide real time monitoring, CarHub by bmobile solution is intended to assist vehicle owners to better manage their vehicles, it is not intended to replace any security device on your vehicle.
  • 5. How many devices can connect to the Carhub by bmobile wifi?

    CarHub by bmobile can connect up to 5 devices at a time.  It also allows these devices to stay connected up to 10 minutes after your vehicle is switched off.
  • 6. How is the over speed limit calculated?

    The default speed limit set on mobile app is 100km/h.  When speed is over the default or set limit for at least 80s or a set time an over speeding alarm is pushed to the mobile app.
  • 7. How does CarHub by bmobile identify fatigue driving?

    When your vehicle records at least four (4) working hours consecutively and downtime of less than 20 mins, a fatigue driving alarm will be pushed to your mobile app
  • 8. Which factors contribute to my final driving score?

    Harsh acceleration, harsh deceleration, harsh cornering, over speeding and fatigue driving all contribute to your overall driving score.
  • 9. How does my CarHub solution generate trips on the system?

    When the driving time is more than five (5) minutes and mileage is more than 1km, driving trip report will be generated.
  • 1. Can I use CarHub by bmobile if I don’t have a SMART phone?

    The bmobile CarHub service works in tangent with the bmobile CarHub app. Therefore for optimal functionality of the bmobile CarHub service customers would be required to have a Smartphone.  The bmobile CarHub service utilizes the mobile app to retrieve speed, RPM, location, odometer plus more.
  • 2. How do I access the CarHub app?

    The bmobile CarHub app can be downloaded from Android Play store or iphone app store.  Simply search CarHub-bmobile and Download.
  • 1. Where do I find the ODBII port in my vehicle?

    The general location of the OBDII port in most vehicles is just below or in the vicinity of the steering wheel.  To locate your OBDII port bmobile recommends that you:

    • Log in to your CarHub mobile app
    • Click on main menu button (top left hand corner of screen)
    • Select userguide
    • Navigate to The Car Hub Port Locator
    • Choose your vehicle make and model




    • For vehicles that may not be listed bmobile recommends that customers visit owner’s manual to locate the OBDII port.
    • The images shown in Port Locator may vary between left and right hand drive vehicles
  • 2. How do I install the CarHub by bmobile dongle?

    The CarHub by bmobile dongle has a unique shape which will only allow it to be inserted in your vehicle’s OBDII port in one direction.  Ensure vehicle is switched off before inserting.
  • 3. Would installing the CarHub by bmobile dongle tamper with my vehicle warranty?

    The CarHub by bmobile dongle is OBDII certified (Certifications: CE, FCC, ROHS).   As such it will in no way void the warranty on your vehicle.  However, we recommend that you check with your manufacturer before use.
  • 4. How do I remove the CarHub by bmobile dongle?

    To remove your CarHub dongle, ensure your vehicle is switched off before removing.
  • 5. How would I know if my CarHub by bmobile dongle was removed?

    Once the dongle has been removed, an alert will be pushed to your mobile app.  You can also verify this by checking to see if the driver history is still being recorded.
  • 1. How can I know if my CarHub by bmobile is properly activated?

    Once your Carhub by bmobile device is properly activated, when plugged into your vehicle’s OBDII port the two (2) LED lights on the dongle will light up at the same time.
  • 2. What should I do if my CarHub by bmobile dongle is offline while it is installed in the vehicle?

    If your CarHub dongle is plugged into vehicle and is showing offline, you should:

    • Ensure there is proper network signal
    • Ensure that your data service is active
    • Visit any bmobile location or call 824-8788 to ensure your service is properly activated
  • 1. Can CarHub by bmobile work on any vehicle?

    All cars and light trucks manufactured after 1st January 1996 are required to be ODBII equipped.  As such the bmobile CarHub will work on any vehicle that has a functioning OBDII port.

  • 2. Does the CarHub ODB support both 12V and 24V vehicles?

    CarHub by bmobile dongle cannot support both 12V and 24V vehicles at the same time.  However, both 12V and 24V OBD ports will be available at our bmobile locations.
  • 3. Will the CarHub by bmobile dongle run down my battery once plugged in?

    The OBDII Reader is specifically designed to minimize battery drain.  The dongle can stay plugged into a stationary vehicle for weeks without impacting your battery.
  • 4. Does the CarHub by bmobile dongle remain active after vehicle is switched off?

    Once vehicle is switched off the bmobile CarHub dongle remains active for approximately 10-15mins.  When vehicle is off, the CarHub dongle goes into sleep mode and will upload data every hour.
  • 5. If ignition is switched off would my CarHub by bmobile dongle be activated if vehicle is tampered with?

    If your CarHub dongle senses vibration or the vehicle is moved it will alert you via the mobile app.
  • 6. Will CarHub by bmobile work anywhere across the country?

    The carHub by bmobile solution operates off of bmobile’s UMTS network.  As such its functionality is subject to network availability.  However, once you enter areas with no network signal, the data will be stored on the device and uploaded to the server once you pick up signal again.
  • 7. Can I utilize my CarHub by bmobile service internationally?

    No.  Currently, CarHub by bmobile can only function locally
  • 8. How much warranty do I receive when I purchase the CarHub by bmobile dongle?

    The CarHub by bmobile dongle has one (1) year warranty for manufacturer’s defects
  • 9. Who do I contact if I encounter problems with my bmobile CarHub service?

    Customers can call 824-8788 and speak to a customer service representative or visit any of our bmobile locations nationwide if they encounter any problem with their CarHub service.
  • 10. What do I do if my device is lost/stolen?

    If your device is misplaced or stolen, report it immediately by contacting bmobile 824-8788 or visit any of our bmobile locations and speak to a customer service representative.  You will also be required to submit a police report.