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Frequently Asked Questions

Postpaid Customers

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Prepaid Customers

  • 1. What is the Prepaid “Give Us YOUR number” Campaign?

    The Prepaid Port campaign targets customers from the competitor’s network with an UNBEATABLE Value and Savings offer.

    The campaign aims to encourage non Bmobile customers to SWITCH and receive MEGA Discounts off the Unlimited Talk and Data plans.

  • 2. What does the offer include?

    FREE Service

    • One FREE Week Unlimited Talk & Data service

    Discounted Plans

    •Week Unlimited Talk & Data Plan
    •Month Unlimited Talk & Data Plan for up to 6 months

    **See in store for further details and pricing information.

  • 3. What does the customer have to do to redeem the offer?

    The customer will be required to SWITCH their Digicel number over to the Bmobile network in order to benefit from the tremendous savings included in the offer.
  • 4. Where can the customer go to SWITCH their number to Bmobile?

    The customer can visit any Bmobile Dealer store nationwide and a customer service representative their will guide them through the process.
  • 5. How much does the customer pay to SWITCH their number?

    There is no cost to the customer to SWITCH their number, all customers who are interested in joining the Bmobile family will receive a FREE bmobile SIM card when they visit the store.
  • 6. How does the customer SWITCH their number?

    The customer needs to text the words “PORT” to 9PORT (97678) to initiate the process. Once the transaction is completed the customer will receive a text message notification instructing them to change to the bmobile SIM card
  • 7. Is this offer available to all prepaid customers?

    This offer is available to any prepaid Digicel customer that wants to SWITCH to Bmobile’s network.
  • 8. When does this promotion begin?

    This promotion will begin on Friday 20th October, 2017.
  • 9. How long will this promotion be valid for?

    This promotion is an ongoing campaign.
  • 10. When will the customer have access to the discounted plans?

     The customer will be able to access the discounted plans after they have successfully switched their number over to the bmobile network.
  • 11. How do customers purchase the discounted Week and Month Plans?

    In order the purchase the discounted plans, the customer must complete the following steps

    • Dial *123#
    • Choose Option 1 – Special Promotions
    • Choose either Unlimited Week plan or Unlimited Month plan
    • The customer will receive their plan immediately after purchase.
  • 12. Will the customer be able to make calls to other networks from the bundle?

    Yes, the Unlimited plans can be used to make calls to any local mobile network provider.
  • 13. Will I be able to purchase other plans from the *123# menu?

    Yes, you will also be able to purchase other plans from the regular *123# menu, however, please note that plans purchased from Option 2 – Talk and data plans will be charged at the regular prices and not the DISCOUNTED PRICES.
  • 14. How do I check the balance on my plan?

    You can dial *123# QUERY BALANCES to check bundle balance