TSTT Network performance statement

TSTT is please to advise that in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Bret, the company’s infrastructure has not sustained any damage of note and therefore services remained available to customers at the height of the storm.

Although there has been widespread power outages due to downed power lines, the company’s back-up power systems at its facilities have been working well to ensure service to the majority of customers remained uninterrupted throughout the night.

There are some facilities where, due to the prolonged power outage, the back-up power supplies were eventually exhausted after several hours. The company is making urgent efforts to have these restored as soon as possible.

TSTT is also pleased that this has allowed the National Emergency Management Teams to conduct their monitoring and reporting functions and continuously provide timely and important updates to the Public. TSTT is proud of its role as the only Communications service provider to have staff stationed at the ODPM throughout the Storm Warning period, collaborating with all of the other key stakeholders there, entrusted with keeping the country safe and informed.

As the day progresses TSTT will continue to survey its operations and work diligently to restore full services to affected areas primarily in communities along the North coast and North Eastern region and in smaller localised communities in Central, and South Trinidad.