To bundle or not to bundle? That is the question

New pay-as-you-go voice rates

UNLIMITED bmobile to bmobile calls and up to 300 minutes of calls; any local network, US, UK, Canada and the Caribbean. These are just two of many advantages to using bundles instead of unbundled / pay-as-you-go mobile rates.

Starting as low as $45 plus VAT, bmobile prepaid bundles are all inclusive of Voice, Data, and SMS. So whether you are the ‘per minute’ or ‘per megabit’ or ‘per message’ type of user, you’ll save more with bundles.

From June 28th 2017, new pay-as-you-go (unbundled) prepaid mobile voice rates will go into effect

Day Evening Weekend
Existing Rate (Vat incl.) $1.46 $0.81 $0.81
New Rate (Vat incl.)