Prepaid SIM Cards

Your prepaid SIM CARD allows you to access the Bmobile Network for calls, text messages, data and all other mobile services. Our Prepaid SIM CARDS are sold in already loaded with credit and are available in a variety of values/denominations (see table below):


The SIM prices and Airtime Credit available are shown below:

Selling Price Airtime Credit
$50 SIM Card $25
$75 SIM Card $75
$100 SIM Card $150
$200 SIM Card $300
$300 SIM Card $500

Activating your SIM Card

To activate the SIM:

  1. Insert the SIM into the phone and dial 800-3745.
  2. You will hear a message confirming the activation of the SIM and your Airtime Credit.
  3. The preloaded airtime credit on the SIM expires thirty (30) days after activation of the SIM.

You can check the balance (remaining preloaded Airtime/ Credit) at anytime by dialing *120 and press th e’phone’ icon or SEND.