Call Me

Call Me allows a GSM prepaid user with a balance of $0.50 cents or less on his/her mobile, to send a message to another prepaid mobile requesting the other party to call him or her.

What does it cost?

There is no cost to send a Call Me message. This is a free bmobile service for bmobile GSM prepaid customers only. A Call Me request can be sent to another user whenever the user’s balance reaches $0.50 or less. Note however, that each bmobile prepaid user has a limit of sending three (3) Call Me requests per day.

Sending a message

To send a Call Me message:

  1. Dial *111 * the person’s number #
  2. Press the Call/Send button
  3. The receiving party will receive a text message asking him or her to call you

Eg. Dial *111*9991234# to send a Call Me request to mobile 9991234

The sender will receive a confirmation message indicating that your message was sent. The recipient will receive a SMS informing of the Call Me request from the sender’s mobile number.