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With our prepaid plans there are no additional costs 0r charges to bmobile prepaid customers on talk time, SMS, Data and bundle purchases. VAT is charged ONLY on purchase of bmobile Top Up.


Everything you need to stay in touch and MORE with these Value Bundle plans! Choose that one plan to get you started and ready to go!


Anywhere Minutes allow calls to TSTT Landline, Flow Landline, Digicel, Massy Communications and international Calls to US, UK, Canada.
SMS allows unlimited text messages to all local and international networks.
*All Prices are Vat Exclusive

Reasonable Usage of up 8 hours per day applicable to bmobile to bmobile calls
Anywhere Minutes allow calls to all local networks plus calls to US, UK, Canada

Pay As You Go Plans

Rate Type Standard Plan
Day Rate $1.30/min ($1.46/min VAT Incl)
Evening Rate 72¢/min (81¢/min VAT Incl)
Weekend Rate 72¢/min (81¢/min VAT Incl)
To Bmobile 30¢/min (34¢/min VAT Incl)
To Other Local Network 50¢/min (56¢/min VAT Incl)
International 60¢/min (68¢/min VAT Incl)
$2.00/Mb (2.25/Mb VAT Incl)

Additional Services

Service Price
Voicemail 20¢/call (20¢/call VAT Incl)
Call Forwarding Plan Rate/min
MMS $1.00/message ($1.13/message VAT Incl)
Bchat 30¢/message (34¢/messageVAT Incl)
Group SMS 30¢/message (34¢/messageVAT Incl)
Directory Assistance $1.00 ($1.13 VAT Incl) per call with the first two calls free
  • Rates are quoted per minute, Billing is per second.
  • All Rates are VAT exclusive

Call Me

Call Me allows a GSM prepaid user with a balance of $0.50 cents or less on his/her mobile, to send a message to another prepaid mobile requesting the other party to call him or her.
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Credit Me

Credit Me is a service that allows GSM prepaid customers to ask for a credit of money from another GSM prepaid customer. This service also allows GSM prepaid users to top up another user without a request being made. There is no cost to send a Credit Me message.
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International Rates

Our full table of international rates is available here.

Terms and conditions

Postpaid and prepaid terms and conditions

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