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Frequently Asked Questions

Unlimited Prepaid Talk & Data

1. What is the New bmobile Prepaid Unlimited Talk & Data Promotion?

All new and existing prepaid customers can now participate in the Prepaid UNLIMITED Talk & Data promotion by choosing one of the following promotional plans:

  • Unlimited Talk & Data Plan 30 Day- $349 ($392.62 Vat Inclusive)
  • Unlimited Talk & Data Plan 7 Day- $99 ($111.37 Vat Inclusive)
  • Unlimited Talk & Data Plan 1 Day – $20 ($22.50 Vat Inclusive)

2. What is included in each of the promotional plans?

  • Unlimited local calls refer to calls to all local networks except for calls to premium number which will incur a charge.
  • Texts can be sent to any local and international mobile number.
  • Texts to premium services are not included in the unlimited local and international texts.
  • *Prices are Vat Exclusive. This amount will be deducted from the customer’s prepaid credit balance.
  • bmobile reserves the right to vary the promotional plans during the promotional period.
  • bmobile’s fair usage policy will apply for local calls and data used by the customer.

3. When would the bmobile Prepaid Unlimited Talk & Data Promotion be available?

The new promotional plans can be purchased between August 24th, 2017 and until December 31st, 2017.

4. How do I participate in this promotion?

Customers should follow the steps below to purchase the plan:

  • Dial *123# from your handset
  • Choose option from the Menu – Talk & Data plans
  • Choose a plan from the options listed.

5. How will I know when I purchase an Unlimited Talk and Data plan?

When you purchase a new prepaid unlimited Talk and Data plan, you will receive a text message confirming your plan purchase.

6. Where can I call with this promotion?

The Unlimited calls in the plan can be used to call any local number, except for premium numbers, which will incur a charge.

7. How will I know when my promotional plan expires?

When your plan expires you will receive an expiry message via text. The expiration date of unlimited usage will depend on the date you purchase a plan and which plan you purchase.

8. Can I purchase more than one plan, at the same time?

Yes, you can purchase more than one plan, at the same time. Simply dial *123# to purchase any prepaid promotional plan.

9. If I have multiple plans on my account, which one will be used up first?

The plan usage priority will be based on expiry date. For example, if you purchase a day pass plan with an expiry date of 24 hours, it will be used up first, followed by the week plan and then the month plan.

10. Where can I call for further information about this promotion?

For additional information you can dial 824-TSTT (8788) or *100 or visit the Bmobile Facebook page or chat with a CSR

Fair Usage Policy

Pay As You Go Plans

Rate Type Standard Plan
All local calls $1.10/min ($1.24/min VAT Incl)
To Bmobile 30¢/min (34¢/min VAT Incl)
To Other Local Network 50¢/min (56¢/min VAT Incl)
International 60¢/min (68¢/min VAT Incl)
$2.00/Mb (2.25/Mb VAT Incl)

Additional Services

Service Price
Voicemail 20¢/call (20¢/call VAT Incl)
Call Forwarding Plan Rate/min
MMS $1.00/message ($1.13/message VAT Incl)
Bchat 30¢/message (34¢/messageVAT Incl)
Group SMS 30¢/message (34¢/messageVAT Incl)
Directory Assistance $1.00 ($1.13 VAT Incl) per call with the first two calls free
  • Rates are quoted per minute, Billing is per second.
  • All Rates are VAT exclusive

Call Me

Call Me allows a GSM prepaid user with a balance of $0.50 cents or less on his/her mobile, to send a message to another prepaid mobile requesting the other party to call him or her.
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Credit Me

Credit Me is a service that allows GSM prepaid customers to ask for a credit of money from another GSM prepaid customer. This service also allows GSM prepaid users to top up another user without a request being made. There is no cost to send a Credit Me message.
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International Rates

Our full table of international rates is available here.

Terms and conditions

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