This service offers all business customers the ability to interact with their end customer via SMS in an easy, direct and cost efficient way Business customers who wish to utilize this service will have the ability to self-manage their communication to customers via an easy, user friendly web interface. It is a direct form of communications customers are, almost always in possession of their mobile phones It can be done anytime, anywhere and to any device Allows one way and or two way communications It is more cost effective than other forms of communication Can be applied to any type of business, from very small to very large organization

Frequently Asked Questions

Direc Text

What is bmobile's Direc Text service?

With Direc Text, business persons (Enterprise, Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs) will have the ability to communicate with their customer base directly via SMS.

How will the service work?

The business will have access to an interactive web interface through which they can Send and Receive SMS messages. The messages sent can be on anything from new product & service launches, sales, prices, re stocking etc.

How can customers acquire this service?

Business customers can register

  • Via their TSTT Account Managers
  • Contact a bmobile Store nationwide for more information

Note: If customers do not have an account manager they will be directed to a TSTT Mobile Product Manager for assistance.

What are the benefits of Direc Text?

The benefits include:

  • Direct Communication to your OWN customer base
  • Control of the messages sent to your customers
  • Access to feedback from customers
  • Timely & Easy Communication
  • Cost effective Marketing & Advertising

What are the costs associated with Direc Text?

The pricing is a follows:

  • Initial Set Up Fee (One Time Fee)
  • Short Code License Fee (Annual)
  • Monthly Minimum Fee

Are there any additional requirements for Direc Text?

Customers will be informed of any additional requirements by the Account Managers or Product Manager

What type of functionality does Direc Text offer?

The following features form the Direct Text service:

  • One (1) Way and Two (2) Way Broadcast SMS messages
  • Text 2 Win Campaigns
  • Polls and Voting Campaigns
  • Instant or Scheduled Message
  • Delivery

  • Real Time Reporting

How will the customer be billed for the Direc Text service?

Customers will be invoiced on a monthly basis based on the volume of SMS transactions

Who do customers contact for assistance or queries?

For assistance or queries, please contact your TSTT Account Manager, a bmobile Store or dial *100