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Mobile Internet


Be connected from anywhere, 24/7, 365.

bmobile mobile internet allows you wireless internet connectivity, from your handset* or laptop.

You will be able to access the Internet, your e-mail account, chat online, or browse the net from anywhere in Trinidad & Tobago. With bmobile mobile internet, the power of connectivity on the go is in your hands!

Subscribe to our unlimited data plan for $149.99 per month.

How to Access GPRS/Mobile Internet

You can access mobile internet only if your handset is GPRS-enabled. Mobile handsets with HTML browsers can be used to connect directly to the internet. If your handset does not contain an HTML browser but is GPRS-enabled, it can be used as a modem, with the wireless internet connection established on using either Infrared or a data cable.

PC Cards can also be used to access mobile internet on a laptop. A PC Card is a device what gives you wireless internet access by inserting your SIM Card into the device, which is then inserted into the PC slot on your laptop.

To have bmobile mobile internet activated to your account, please visit any bmobile Retail Store or Authorized Partner nationwide.

*Please refer to your Handset Manual to see if your handset is GPRS-enabled.

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