Plan Retirement Advisory

We’re making things SIMPLE
Effective May 15th, 2017 we will be replacing some of our older bmobile Postpaid Plans with (5) simpler, better-valued Everything LTE enabled plans which include:
• Unlimited Local Calls
• Unlimited bmobile Nights and Weekends
• Unlimited Landline minutes
You will also have the choice to ENJOY in-plan Voice & Data Roaming bundles and up to 20GB Data!
Bmobile has the first and fastest 4G LTE mobile data network in T&T and we want everyone to benefit from up to 10X faster data and better value for money.
Can’t wait? Upgrade now by calling *100 from your mobile phone or 824-TSTT. On May 15TH, customers on the old plans will be automatically transferred to the best comparable Everything LTE enabled plan.

Here is the complete list of plans being retired:

4G Anywhere 1 with Mobile Internet
4G Anywhere 2 with Blackberry
4G Anywhere 2 with Mobile Internet
4G Anywhere 3 with Blackberry
4G Anywhere 3 with Mobile Internet
4G Beyond Plus Blackberry
4G Beyond Plus Mobile internet
4G iPhone Postpaid 1
4G iPhone Postpaid 2
4G iPhone Postpaid 3
4G Postpaid 1
4G Postpaid 2
4G Postpaid 3
Student Plan
UNI VALUE 300 (no pay-as-you-go data)
VALUE 1000 with Blackberry Data
VALUE 1000 with Mobile Internet
VALUE 300 (Pay as you go data)
VALUE 300 (without pay-as-you-go data)
VALUE 600 with Blackberry Data
VALUE 600 with Mobile Internet
Get the Everything LTE plan that right for you TODAY!