Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the bmobile’s Med-Link service?

Med-Link is a Medical Call Centre Solution, which is available to bmobile customers through a collaboration with Med-Star Ltd (800-Star Ltd.) The service allows our customers to have access to emergency medical advice from registered nurses 24/7, 365 days of the year.

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2. What are the benefits?

Successful applicants can experience peace of mind with:

  • 24-hour unlimited Toll-free access from both their mobile and landline devices for medical advice from registered nurses in Canada

  • Discounts at selected pharmacies

  • Discounts for visits at registered Doctor’s offices

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3. Is the service available to all bmobile customers?

The service is available to all active mobile Postpaid Subscribers on, the following plans:
Everything $99

Everything $149.00 Everything LTE $199.00
Everything $275.00 Everything LTE $299.00
Everything $349.00 Everything LTE $399.00
Everything $525.00 Everything LTE $599.00
TSTT Corporate Staff plan $199.00 Corporate Employee everything $325.00

Customers currently registered on any of the Bmobile legacy plans will be required to upgrade to the above Everything plans in order to be eligible for registration.

The Service is also available to our Residential Landline customer including Smart choice users.

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4. How can I subscribe for Med-Link?

To subscribe to Med-Link, you would be required to:

  • Dial *7070# from your postpaid mobile handset and select the option “Med-Link”.

  • Customers also have the option to call into the caller centers or visit the front office. The CSR will assist the customer with the *7070# activation via their handsets to ensure they agreed to the Terms and Conditions.

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5. How can I unsubscribe from Med-Link?

To unsubscribe from Med-Link, you would be required to:

  • Call 824-TSTT (8788)

  • Visit any bmobile retail store.

  • Dial *7070# from your postpaid mobile handset and select the option to “unsubscribe”.

Valid forms of ID National ID, DP or Passport would be required to subscribe or unsubscribe from the service only if the customer calls into the call center.

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6. How much does the service cost?

Customers are given two (2) options

  • Monthly access charge $33.75 (VAT Inclu).

  • One time yearly access charge of $337.50 ( VAT Inclu).

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7. Once I have registered, can I use the service right away?

Upon registration it takes two (2) working days for your account to be processed, after which the service will be available for use. All calls will be toll-free.

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8. Once I have successfully subscribed for the service can I call from any number with my ID?

To access the Med-Link service you can ONLY call from the registered mobile number or registered landline number.

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9. Can any of my other family members call in case of an emergency?

A family member can call on behalf of the registered person for assistance. However they cannot call to obtain assistance for themselves. They must become a registered user with his or her own mobile and fixed landline number.

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10. If my phone is lost/stolen or disconnected will I still be charged for the service?

Once your mobile service is suspended, you will not be charged the monthly Med-Link fee.

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11. How qualified are the nurses to give me advice?

These trained Registered Nurses based in North America, with over 10 years average experience, have successfully handled over 100 million calls in Europe the USA and Canada. Nurses direct callers to the most appropriate care, taking every opportunity to educate individuals on how to care for themselves.

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13. Once I have registered, how do I access the service?

To seek medical advice once you have subscribed for the service, simply dial 7000 from your mobile phone or 800-5465 (800 –LINK) from your residential line. This will direct you to 800 STAR’s hotline. ALL calls are toll free.

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15. How do I use the service when I am in another country?

Customers can access service overseas by dialing (1- 868-800-5465).

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16. What happens when I call?

Calls are answered by the Assistance Coordinator (AC) and prioritized based on the severity of your condition or emergency. At this point, the AC would determine whether the call should be transferred immediately to the nurses, if not, then the call would be prioritized and your call would be returned within a 10 minute period.

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17. Will the nurse be able to prescribe medication for me?

Med-Link is strictly a medical advice service, meant to assist our customers in saving time and money for simple health or other treatment situations where a doctor or hospital’s waiting room and associated fees may be avoided.

The nurse may recommend certain over-the-counter treatment based on the symptoms you describe. However, any condition that requires the issue of prescription medication or warrants specialized medical advice, would be referred to a medical doctor.

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18. Can I use the service to seek medical assistance for my loved ones?

Med-Link allows you to access medical advice for yourself as well as named dependents in your care. (e.g. children below the age of 18 years) Please note this will NOT include your spouse or significant other as they are not legitimate dependents (in most instances).

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19. How confidential is this service?

Med-Link was created with the customer’s well-being as the main priority. At no point in time will any information you provide be shared with anyone other than your Registered Nurse. You may even opt to limit health information shared with the Assistance Coordinator and only disclose to the Nurse on your call.

Based on the information you provide on the call however, you may be referred to a specific doctor for further treatment or asked if you may want to subscribe to other health-related services to better manage any evident or potential health conditions.

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21. Which pharmacies are in the Discount Network?


Pharmacy Name Region
Starlite Drugs Maraval
Starlite Drugs Diego Martin
Starlite Drugs C3
WestShore Pharmacy Cocorite
CVA St. James
CVA Diego Martin
Umraw’s Pharmacy Penal
Ralph’s Pharmacy Penal
Tara’s Barrackpore
Tara’s Fyzabad
Tara’s Oropouche
C&M Pharmacy Pt. Fortin

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22. How will they know I am a Med-Link customer?

The number you’re calling from will be verified as a registered number on the Med-Link data base.

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23. Is calling the only option to access the service?

Yes registered customers can only access service by calling from the registered mobile number.

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24. If the Balance on my account is overdue, can I still use the service

Yes, once the unit is not disconnected.

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25. Can I apply for the mobile service from my landline?

Yes you can call from your landline to register your mobile number. However once you have successfully registered your mobile number you would not be able to access the Med-Link services from your landline. Your landline number must also be registered.

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26. Can I have more than one number registered?

Yes you can have more than one number registered. The monthly access fee will be applied to each registered number.

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27. Can I cancel the subscription at any time?

Yes you can. There are no penalty fees for cancellation of subscription.

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28. How do I get discounts at the Pharmacy using my mobile device?

At the pharmacy you dial *7070#, then select the Discount Option. A confirmation text message will be sent to the mobile handset with the approved discount amount. This is then given to the attendant who will then apply to the item being purchased.

The Discount is valid for the day it was sent ONLY.

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29: How do I get discount at the Pharmacy using my landline service?

Landline customers will be issued a discount card

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30. How often can I use this service?

There is no limit to the amount of times you can use the service.

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31. What do I do if I change my mobile number?

You would be required to visit any bmobile retail store and notify a CSR of the change.

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32. Who should I contact to handle any queries with the service?


  • For billing queries, you may call 824-TSTT (8788).

  • For queries concerning the ADVICE received, you may call 800-LINK and log a complaint with the Service Rep. Your concerns will be addressed accordingly.

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33. Once subscribed for the yearly plan and request early termination, will I receive a refund for the period I no longer have use of the service?

Customers who subscribe to the yearly plan will not receive a refund for early termination.

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