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Making a payment on bmobile Online Bill Payment service

Friday, June 29th, 2012

Follow these simple steps outlined below after you login on and select the E-Services tab:

Step 1. Enter Username and Password

Step 2. Click ‘Make a Payment’

Step 3. Under bmobile Online Bill Pay Click here to make a payment

Step 4. Enter the Payment amount in the field Paying for the specific Account and click Next

Step 5. Enter Credit Card Billing Address information in the fields and click Next

Step 6. Enter Credit Card information in the fields and click Verify

Step 7. The review statement appears on each page for review. The Credit Card Payment amount is displayed

Step 8. Credit Card billing address is displayed

Step 9. Credit Card Information is displayed; if the information is correct click Make Payment

Step 10. Page displays receipt message and an email notification sent to your email address.

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