What can customers do with 1 Megabyte of data?

Customers can do many things, however it depends on the device being used. A smart-phone with full web browsing capability and data apps, or a feature rich mobile phone with a WAP broswer only; can give customers the ability to read emails and browse the internet.

For example: One (1) MB is typically (15 – 20) emails with no attachments or (10 – 15) web pages or 3 social media posts with pics.

The following is a guide:

1 Megabyte = Approx.  1000 Kilobytes

  • Downloading (1) Email (text only) 20 KB
  • Browsing (1) Web page 180 KB
  • Downloading (1) App /Game/ Song 4 MB
  • Downloading (1) Email with photo attachment 350 KB
  • Downloading (1) minute of streaming music 500 KB
  • Downloading & Uploading on social media site with photos 500 KB
  • Downloading (1) Email with MS Word, Excel or Powerpoint attachment 300 KB

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