9. What are the cost and fees associated with the bmobile Visa Prepaid Card?

See cardholder fees below.

CARHOLDER FEES (**VAT exclusive charges)

New card fee (one time charge) TT$199 VAT inclusive
**Load Fee (new and reload) TT$20 per load
Currency conversion fee 2.99% currency conversion fee *
**ATM Fee NIL – at all RBL ATM
TT$15.00 – at Non- RBL ATM
Point of Sale NIL
**Balance Enquiry Fee At RBL ATMs – Nil
At other Bank’s ATMs – TT$2.00
**Monthly Service Fee TT$25.00
**Cash-Out or Refund Fee TT$20.00


Charges may be waived or discounted by TSTT/bmobile during promotional periods.

*Cash Advances completed at Foreign ATMs are unknown and will be charged to the card balance.

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