5. What are the benefits of the bmobile Visa Prepaid Card?

The bmobile Visa Prepaid Card provides you with a multitude of benefits! Experience the security and convenience of a credit card PLUS have control and save.

  • Control your spending
  • Get special discounts at selected merchants
  • Get easy access to funds to make everyday purchases
  • Utilize the CHIP and PIN technology where accepted for added security
  • Pay your bills and top up prepaid phones at your convenience
  • Manage your kids’ allowances via the bmobile prepaid card app
  • Local and international, in store and online shopping
  • Download premium apps, music and games

Special Discounts at the following merchants are available to all bmobile Visa prepaid card holders:

Nigel R Khan
Naughty Grape
American Stores
REO Consultants
Caribbean Freight Logistics
Sellier’s Travel Service
Tropical Swimming Pools
Caribbean Protective Services
Grafton Beach Resort
Le Gran Courlan Spa Resort
The Spa at Le Gran Courlan
Fitness Centre
LOng Circular Health & Wellness
Sandy Point Village Hotel, Tobago
Summerland Suites, Tobago
Geroninmo’s Cycle & Sports Ltd
Buy The Corner
Lewis Appliances
D Rite Stuff
Ferreira Optical
Renew Star Serpentine Limited
El Dovin Limited (La Cantina Pizzeria)

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