14. What are the limits associated with my bmobile Visa Prepaid Card?

See card limit table below


Minimum Load TT$100
Maximum value per month Up to TT$3,200 (note that balance on account must not exceed TT$3200 at any time)
Maximum card balance TT$3,200
Maximum # ATM withdrawals per day 3 withdrawals up to TT$3,200 per day
Maximum transaction amount TT$3,200
Maximum # POS transactions per day 10 up to TT$3,200

Make sure you keep your bmobile Visa Prepaid card even after the balance is depleted, even if you decide not to load additional money on to it at the time, as you can continue to do loads and transactions until the card has expired. The physical card will also be required to facilitate any refunds on goods/services purchased using the card.

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