blink | bmobile provides 10,000 Safety I.D. Stickers to keep children safe for Carnival

For another year, the blink | bmobile Foundation is promoting children’s safety during the Carnival season by providing 10,000 Safety I.D. Stickers to parents and guardians who are taking their children out to crowded public Carnival events.

The stickers will also be made available to various bands and organisations geared towards children’s Carnival shows. Four thousand stickers will be provided to the Red Cross, with whom blink | bmobile is partnering this year, for distribution to the children participating in their Children’s Carnival show.

By simply filling out the relevant information and attaching the sticker to the child, it will serve as an I.D. card and will go a long way to assist in the efforts of the police or well-intentioned adults in reuniting the child with their parent or guardian. While it wants to emphasise the importance of parents keeping a close eye on their children during the festivities, the blink | bmobile Foundation also recognises that it only takes a split second of distraction for a child to get lost in the huge crowd on the streets and at events, and so hopes that the I.D. stickers will help minimise these incidents of missing children and keep parents’ and guardians’ minds at ease.

Anyone wishing to obtain stickers for their band or on an individual basis can contact

blink | bmobile at 625-3333 or email to arrange collection.