$5 One Day Data Plan

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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the 75 MB One Day Data Plan?

BMobile 75 MB One Day Data Plan is for prepaid customers who which to quick check their E-mail or chat on WhatsApp.

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2. When would the bmobile 75 MB One Day Data Plan be available?

The 75 MB One Day Data plan will be available from November 26, 2016.

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3. Who can purchase this plan?

All prepaid customers with smartphones are eligible to purchase this plan.

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4. How can I purchase the 75Mb One Day Data Plan?

Customers can dial *123# from their handset, choose option Special Promotion or Day and Weekend, and select the plan from the available list of options.

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5. How will I know when I purchase this plan?

You will receive the following text only when you successfully purchase the plan:


You have purchased the ONE Day Data Plan and received 75MB Data valid for 24Hrs.

Charged $5. Thank U from Bmobile

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6. When the 75 MB Day Data Plan will expire?

The 75MB Data will expire in 24 hours from date of purchasing the plan or when data is depleted.

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7. Can I purchase any other Data plan?

Yes you can purchase any other Data plan with the 75 MB Day Data Plan but priority will be given to the 75 MB Day Data plan.

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8. How do I know the balance on my 75 MB Day Data Plan?

Customers can dial *123# from their handset and select “Query balances” to query the bundle.

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9. Whom do I contact, if I need assistance or have queries about this promotion?

For assistance or queries, please call our Customer Service Center at 824-TSTT (8788), option 2 or dial *100

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